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Young Foal

R.I.P Samber - 1976 - 2009

Samber KWPN
ZZ Level Dressage
Z Level Jumping

It has to be said that "Samber" is the greatest far reaching and most influential of all Pinto Warmblood sires. Sadly put to sleep at his home in December 2009 I feel very fortunate to have visited this great sire kindly presented by his owner M. Vrieling with great pride at his home before his demise and am grateful to have this very special day recorded for all to treasure.

Born in 1976, Samber was bred by M Smilda from Roderwolde in the Netherland and stationed at the family Vrieling's in Coevorden where he was laid to rest. Samber was the first and only coloured stallion to have been approved by the KWPN stud book. In 1979 he passed his 100-Day Performance test scoring a 10 for character and temperament. With an overall of 160.2 points, gaining an A pass.

SamberHis stallion report states. During the course of the test he became harder and more horse. He has a great deal of suppleness and is very easy to handle. He gets along with everybody. The walk is big and regular, as is the trot. He does have problems bringing his hindquarter underneath in the trot. He works well in jumping. His technique is more than sufficient. His hindquarter is insufficiently connected, the take-off lacks in power. He has sufficient scope. His jump is long at the top instead of round, and he dives over the obstacle. In free jumping he has a good eye on the jump and little power in the take-off. In cross-country he is safe over the jump. He is good in harness. In the beginning of the test he really liked to look around. He has fun working. He really likes to go and the ears move a lot. The work is easy for him and he is very willing to work. He has a lot of talent for dressage and cross-country and sufficient talent for jumping. He is calm in his stall. His scores were relatively modest scoring an average of 7.5 for his jumping and cross country, 8.5 for his attributes in harness but an overall 10 for temperament.


Samber GrandsonThe first of his progeny were presented in 1981 producing the following foal report. The development of the foals that were shown, including several pintos, was more than sufficient. They appeared to be sufficient riding type. In regards to the angle in the hock, the selected foals were better than the picked ones. Sometimes the foals had a slightly long head but it was always lean. The neck was sufficiently good. The development of the wither was sufficient. A few foals should have more slope in the shoulder. Sometimes the back was a little long, but in those cases it also had enough strength. The croup always had sufficient length and good muscling. Several foals could have a more expressive foreleg and the stance was sometimes a little straight. The hind leg was often long with a rather small angle in the hock, especially amongst the picked foals. The walk was good. The trot was good and big, with good legs and good skin that is tight over the joints. Samber sired over 1500 foals in his lifetime and remained fertile until 2005 siring his last nine progeny out of the 15 mares covered, a remarkable accomplishment at the age of 29. (Photo Samber Descendants courtesy of Solaris Sport Horses)

The success of this pinto stallion was no accident. His sire was one of the KWPN's influential English bred foundation thoroughbred stallion Pericles xx where he stood at West Grinstead Stud until 1968 but later exported to the Netherlands from 1976 until his death in 1987. He was one of very few Thoroughbreds like Lucky Boy to achieve Preferent status and sired over 2600 progeny. Pericles xx did some racing and competed in Open Jumpers later in his career. His offspring made excellent sport horses and proved themselves in the breeding shed as well. Pericles was best known as being a dressage sire. He sired 12 approved KWPN stallions including Samber and is also the maternal grandsire of the legendary stallion Ulft.

Tina DHis dam Tina D was a remarkable ster pref prest mare who produced 19 foals, a number of which obtained Ster, Keur and Prestatie status including Wanda, a Keur Preferent Prestatie mare full sister to Samber. Her son Anton (Fresco x Ordonanns x Romeo) made it through to the second rounds of the KWPN stallion licensing. This mare line, commencing with the coloured mare Karoll, a registered Gelders mare of unknown origin is responsible for producing more tobiano sport horses world wide than any other. The origin of her colour has been discussed by many and some have implied that it may well have come from the "Gypsy Cob" of Ireland but the history and origins of tobiano horses identifies that it is much more likely to have stemmed from Asia and Eastern Europe. Their presence has been found on Egyptian tombs as far back as the 4th century B.C. Evidence of their use has been unearthed in the Gobi Desert. Genghis Khan used tobiano coloured horses in his conquests of Asia. Paintings of these horses are plentiful in European art of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

SamberIn sport Samber was successful in both disciplines he showjumped up to 1.30m and competed with good results in Advanced dressage. He sired no KWPN approved sons but was also a popular choice in Germany and produced the approved stallion Sambucco B (Samber x Le Faquin x Enfant De Normandie) and the full sister "Evelien" who's dam sire can be found in the young coloured stallion Umenno (Wellington x Samber) who has jumped with success in national age classes. Sambuco B has passed on his grand sires genes to no less than nine approved stallions in Germany including, Sydney (Pilot x Angelo) who jumped up to 1.30m

Samber was also the sire to the medium level dressage stallion "Sambertino" out of the stb mare "Illustra" (Wellington x Onyx) approved by the ZfDp. Another of his sons "Art Deco" out of the ster preferent prestatie mare "Zorbra" by the Trakehner stallion "Trait D'Union out of the ster preferent mare "Naly" by "floor" was approved by the Oldenburg studbook and was exported to the USA and reached Grand Prix dressage in the USA for Liz Hall and Silverwood Farm. In 1994 the pinto son "Karel" (Samber x Winscosin x Patriek) made it through to the second rounds of the KWPN stallion selections and competed up to ZZZ level in dressage. West Star, the international 4 star mount of Nina Melkonian is his best representative to date in so far as eventing is concerned, Bim Bam Bino, born 1988, by Branco ox, out of Ange by Samber, represents Greece in international dressage, United Colours '91 by Samber out of a Rigoletto x Ramses mare performed well in '97 in showjumping whilst the Iedante I, a KWPN Keur mare won over 150 Dressage points in Great Britain.

Edking HillIt was one of Sambers daughters that brought us the coloured stallion "Edking Hill" approved by the NRPS stud book. Sadly Edking Hill was put to sleep after tearing a tendon at the age of twelve. He had already had a successful career showjumping 1.30m with Wout-Jan van der Schans in Holland and was competing successfully in dressage with Roel van Laar Swets at the time, this gaining the sport predicate. He also gained Prestatie status through his progeny and has left behind him two approved sons Everest Hill (AES) and Parade D (Old) His bloodlines also carry on through Everij A (Edking Hill x De Saint Urus D'Olympe X ) a popular sire in Holland. Edkinghill is also the dam sire of the Approved NRPS stallion Haico (Haarlem x Edkinghill x Utrecht). He has also produced a number of ster and keur mares and successful competition horses. Edking Hill offered breeders a more modern model than Samber producing greater length of neck and limb and a more modern frame.

One of most famous successful descendants of Samber todate is the International show jumping sire "Utah Van Erpekhom" Landetto x Calemiro x Samber) who jumps with John Whitaker. More recently in the limelight we find the coloured jumping stallion Visage van de Olmenhoeve currently jumping 1.60m classes. This outstanding perfromance stallion was sired by the coloured stallion "Limbo" "Concorde x Rivaal x Samber) standing in France. Visage van de Olmenhoeve was sold to Australia and renamed "Copabella Visage" but returned to France for the stud season and to further his show jumping career in mainland Europe in 2009.


Whilst it is always a sad day when we loose a great sire it is always comforting to know that his gene pool lives on through his sons daughters and grand daughters. R.I.P Samber

Author "Rosalyn Serex"

Just a few of the graded Samber sons, grandsons and great-grandsons

Art Deco (U.S.A.) (Samber x Trait D'union x Floor) Old
Visage van de Olmenhoeve (Landetto x Calemiro x Samber) SF
Utah Van Erpekhom Landetto x Calemiro x Samber) AES
Umenno (Wellington x Samber x Enfant De Normandie SSH
Ed King Hill (Ekstein x Samber x Katouchon) NRPS
Haico (Haarlem x Edkinghill x Utrecht) NRPS
Cool Cracker S (Concorde x Samber x Katouchon) ZfDp
Sambuco B (Samber x le Faquin x Enfant de Normandie) ZfDp
Sambertino (Samber x Wellington x Onyx) ZfDp
Sambic (Sambuco B x Luciano x Mersuch)
Samico (Samber x Ico x Aufstieg)
Santanos (Sando Paso x Legaat x Alim XX)
Shadow Jumper (Sambuco B x Adio x Ralf)
Sir James (Samber x Dialog x Romulus II)
Smaragdt (Samenco B x Samber x Maycel)
Steven (Sambuco B x Amor x Flietner)
Sullivan (Samber x Lector x Nimmerdor)
Semper (Sandro x Samber x Leander)
Hercorose (Republic of Ireland) (Samber x Monarch x Ideaal)
Sotto Voce (Sambuco B x Galba x Tropik)
Sam Satchmo (Sambuco B x Kadett x Mozart)
Sambesi (Samber x Utrecht x le Val Blanc XX)
Sir Siegfried (Sambesi x Ico x Gottward)
Sinclair B (Sambuco B x Lopez x Mahdi)
Samenco B (Samber x Sans Souci x Royal Avenue XX)
Samenco K (Samber x Sans Souci x Royal Avenue XX)
Sambuti (Sambuco x Titus x Marquis)
Smart (only graded into HBII) (Sambesi x Fuerst Agram x Lateran)
Pie in the Sky (G.B.) (Samber x Exkurs x Komeet)
Southern Star (Sinclair B x Atgold x Junior)
Hall of Fame (U.S.A.) (Art Deco x Daniel Boone XX x Will Again XX)
Domino (U.S.A.) (Samber x Principaal x Sandor)
Kisamber (not yet presented for grading) (Samber x Jasper x Uppercut)
Samba Pa-Ti (Sambuco x General 1 x Artwig)
Sando Paso (Samber x Joost x Abgar)
Snowfire (Santanos x Lorenz x Martini)
Semper (Sandro x Samber x Leander)
Sempers Spirit (Semper x Astek x Watzmann (CHAPS)
Sydney (Sambuco x Pilot x Angelo XX) ZfDp
Fine Art (U.S.A.) (Samber x Miro x Trait D'union)
Edson '96 (Ed King Hill x Graphit x Pastrocio XX)
Eros (USA) '95 (Ed King Hill x Graphit x Pastrocio XX)
Negresco (Nekoma x Samber x Goudsmid)
Slater (Samber x Afrikaner x Garant)
Elpa's Big One (Samber x Jasper x Pandoer)
Stanhopes Odwig (G.B.) (Edwig x Samber x Apollo)
Ivoor (G.B.) (Samber x Procureur x Gondolier)

Pericles xx
Relic xx War Relic xx
Bridal Colors
Queen Of Peru Big Game
Tina D
Ster Preferent Prestatie


Astrid Romeo

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