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Scottish Sports Horse Stallion Grading 2003

SalernoThe Scottish Sports Horse thirteenth annual stallion grading took place at Gleneagles Equestrian Centre on Saturday 12th April. Obvious to all was just how far the organisation has come.

The high quality of presented stallions signified a continuous improvement in breeder awareness, and promises many exciting young prospects for future buyers/mare owners worldwide. Photo above Ingliston House Stud's' "Salerno" by Corland, .


KWPN JudgesGraders for the day were Mr. Toine Hoefs and Mr.A Hamoen from the KWPN in Holland. A large crowd of spectators gathered for the grading, which began with the initial passport inspection trot up in hand and conformation inspection held outside. The stallions then individually progressed one by one indoors, where they were loose jumped before proceeding to the vetting area. Judges: Photo Right: Mr. Toine Hoefs and Mr.A Hamoen from the KWPN in Holland

KilameDavid Reed of Graham’s Road Veterinary Clinic and Brian Patterson of the Glasgow Vet School were the attending veterinarians and proved severely thorough in their inspections.

Whilst the vetting proceeded, Balcormo Stud’s Kielame M came forward for reassessment. A graded stallion must be presented every four years to ensure his progress remains satisfactory, which was certainly evident in Kielame’s case. The Dutch judges had no quarrels with this big moving and strong Chestnut stallion and regained his already Approved status.

Katie MathewsFollowing Kielame, the afternoon’s demonstrations included the successful young Paraplegic rider, Katie Mathews, performed a lovely dressage display to music. Twenty-one-year-old Katie, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and visual impairment, originally took up riding for therapy treatment at the age of three years. She has now, with the invaluable sponsorship of sportscotland, ridden internationally for the last three years.

The sprightly Gleneagles Vaulting Team came next in the program and entertained the audience with skilled displays of balance and athleticism. The Stallion Showcase then kicked off at 1pm following a Bailey’s Feed Seminar. Photo: Right Katie Mathews

Old and new equine faces demonstrated their paces and jumping ability under saddle, including the handsome and versatile Tranquil Bay whose stock presented for S.S.H. grading have all been awarded 1st premiums to date. Ingliston House Stud made their presence felt with three demonstrating stallions including the four-year-old Shiller which stood top of the line up at last year’s stallion grading. Hanleen Stud presented Clyde Cruiser and Cruising’s Micky Finn (by Cruising), who was the highest placed colt at last year’s loose jumping final. Stanhopes Diddycoy added a splash of colour to the proceedings, displaying tremendous dressage ability and jump. A Latin flare came into the arena in the shape of the extravagant Ciro VI represented the Andalusian breed.


KielameKielame M

The big Kielame M returned for the Showcase and how wonderful to know that this stallion has now resumed his stud duties, after time spent at the Royal Dick Veterinary College, following a long period of rehabilitation after fracturing a cannon bone in an accident incurred whilst in his stable.

Collie Mor CloverCollie Mor Clover

Andrew Henderson’s Coille Mor Clover also put in a lively appearance, an Irish Sport Horse son of International Showjumper Collie Mor Hill, putting the total number of Showcase Stallions to ten.




Mr Van de LagewagFollowing much deliberation by the judges, the stallions put forward for grading were finally recalled for the results, which were eagerly awaited by the audience.

Included in those awaiting with interest, whom the SSH were delighted to welcome was owner of the VDL Stud Holland, Wiepke van de Lageweg and his commercial manager, Jack Lubbers. It was their first time in Scotland, but certainly not to be their last....

J Kubbers and Mr D. Low-Mitchell‘The quality in Scotland is improving each year,’ said Mr. van de Lagewag.

The VDL stud at present has over 500 horses, 45 of which are stallions, and is a foremost runner in the equine world. Mr. Van de Lagewag was therefore more than qualified to comment. It was encouraging indeed to hear his admiration. He had of course already picked out the stallion which was to stand top of the day’s line-up, and liked him immensely. Photo right: :Jack Lubbers (VDL Stud) & Dugald Low-Mitchell)



Ingliston House Studs' "Allround"

"A good motor behind,’ remarked Mr Van De Lagewag upon Ingliston House Stud’s "Allround", as the stallion was pulled in first and awarded Approved Status. The K.W.P.N. judges were obviously in full agreement.

‘Very good conformation, good self-carriage and movement with a lot of expression – a beautiful stallion,’ commented Mr.Toine Hoefs as Allround was handed his presentation rug by Sue Royle marketing and Sales manager of the Scottish based and highly successful equestrian website www.scothorse.net directed by Rosalyn Serex

Approved Status was awarded to Ingliston House Stud's "Allround"

Allround is by Accord 11 and out of Iradi by Sir Shostakov. Not satisfied with this result alone, Ingliston House Stud fairly stole the show, having stallions in the following four placing as well!

Ingliston House Studs' Toy Boy

StrykerSecond in the line up and awarded Licensed status was their Ingliston House Studs' Stryker (by Peter Pan), third and also Licensed was their gorgeous Salerno (by Corland). Registered status went to the stud’s Troebadour S by Indoctro and Toy Boy by Voltaire.

A delighted Claire Campbell of Ingliston House Stud admitted that she had got her stallions in the right line up order. Chilled semen is available from Ingliston House Stud’s three-year-old stallions and frozen from those on the competition circuit.


SalernoPhoto Right: Ingliston House Studs'' Salerno


The only other stallions awarded Registered status and independent of Ingliston House Studs' were the athletic Casmir Z (Jonathon Ashman) and Ralph Pottie of Blairfield Farm’s The Do Ron by Sea Crest. All remaining stallions were graded as Listed including the only pony stallion forward for the day.

Casmir Z demonstrated a straight and rounded jump and expressive movement during the indoor phase of the assessment. Casmir Z (by Catango Z, also proved very popular amongst the spectators and breeders alike., Casmir will be ridden by Alex Ashman this season in England.

The day concluded with the Index Breeding on Performance Tests. This requires those presented to complete a dressage test, jump a course of fences under saddle and to be ultimately loose jumped. An impressive quality of candidates came forward for the test, but none could beat Lorraine Buchan’s tremendous SSH mare Lhanna. She was ultimately awarded a respectable score of 79.5 and a class B result. Lhanna by Limbus IV, out of Dele by Lantaan, has been a prolific winner throughout her Career. Those observing her outstanding movement and ability on this day were left with little doubt as to why. Her delighted owner, Lorraine Buchan, originally traveled all through Holland to find her ideal mare, eventually moving on to Germany in the search. As soon as Lhanna was brought before her, she knew immediately this was the girl and she has since and repeatedly been proven correct in her judgment.

Second highest score in the I.B.O.P. of 73 was given to Ingliston House Studs'’s Sunnytimes by Goodtimes, with Sandra Low-Mitchell’s Ritmique (by Call Willemshof) and Chipie GP Z (by Corando) both achieving 70. All remaining scores were awarded in the 60’s and were given to Mrs.P.J Lillington’s Castleview by Fearless Action (66), Mrs.A.J.Middler and Miss.S.M.Barker’s Faerie Sing Song by Ben Faerie (65.5), Mr.Andrew Henderson’s Furistinno by Furisto(65),Karen Laver’s Just A Muddle by Just A Monarch (63.5) and Mrs.A.Field’s Gerani S by Duall S (63.5).

An informative, entertaining and enjoyable time was had by all. The success of the day was best summed up best by Wiebe van de Lagewag, VDL Stud: "In three or so years time we will be coming over to Scotland to buy horses."



Bill Alexander's Anton
Ingliston House Stud's Troebadour

Report By Aileen Stormonth Photography By Scothorse Copyright

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